Dear Fellow Europeans – Theresa May does NOT speak for me.

Dear Fellow Europeans,

It appears that the prime minister of the UK, Theresa May is unstable. She does not speak for me in any way on matters of Europe and the EU. She is vastly rich so has no idea as to the concerns of the average British citizen, nor of the millions of other EU citizens living in the UK. It appears she has gone power hungry and she lies and insults without a shred of humility.

She calls the EU workers in the UK, “queue jumpers” and calls the many millions of British citizens who support the EU,  “citizens of nowhere”.
Remember that in the UK the Queen is unelected and the Prime Minister represents the Queen. The Prime Minister is the Queen’s First Minister. The PM is not directly elected in the UK but appointed by convention. As she is not directly elected we British citizens who love the EU and Europeans cannot easily remove, impeach or dispose of May. We’re stuck with her like a 3rd world dictator holding on to power to the death.

So bear with us; the so called referendum in 2016 was found by a UK court to be illegal but May is desperately using the result to justify her plans. Her plans will damage the UK, the EU, the millions of EU citizens in the UK and the estimated million British citizens in the mainland EU. The only people to make money out of this are a minority of the very wealthy who are trading on a strategy of what is called “Disaster Capitalism” – they make money out of disasters.