Sound Bites

When I get asked questions in forums then I try and give my answer as it seems natural to me at that time. Sometimes though the same questions appear again and again. So-called presupposition Christians are probably the worst of the worst on this. They really only have a foundation of one circular argument and you will see the same “How do you know this is absolutely true ?” style of question that has been asked since Hume and before him. Heck if bacteria had philosophers then they’d be asking “How can we trust our senses are telling us the truth ?” whilst they terraform planet Earth so that eventually another speciesĀ  called humans can ask this same question.

Will we ever get the answer ? I think so if we get a unified theory of everything. The question is one of physics not theology. So the naturalist must reduceĀ  all these questions to topics in physics and then mathematics.


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