What’s the future ?

The future hasn’t been written, nor has it been determined. The future is a metastable sequence of events that extrapolates from the state that all things are in now. Small changes now can determine parts of the future that we will experience.

Ideas are physical in that they are chemical flows in your brain and you can impart the information of this to others through sound and vision and from that they are each affected in small ways. If the idea is interesting then they may act on this and effect change in the events around them. Over time the sum of the ideas alters the way that humanity exists, the way people think, work, eat, rest and play.

A description of  a goal is such an idea, here is mine…

A post scarcity world mediated through what I call auto-sufficiency with the fully automated (without human labour and thus free) provision of human needs through fully robotized food production and supply logistics. With cryogenic storage of the information that is you on your physical death, and subsequent re-animation in a suitable substrate (up to and including a clone human body), for the most part we eliminate the problem of information theoretic death. This would probably see the demise of traditional after-life driven religions though if someone believes in an afterlife then they have no need to address the problem of death in such a technological way and they can just opt to die as normal. Humans have always been explorers from the first of us that wandered off Africa so many tens of thousands of years ago and the universe is a vast unknown with travel times of many generations.

The future will be awesome – we’ll make it so.

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