On the question of True Meaning

On the question of True Meaning

True are things that are congruent to reality. Meaning is something that is conveyed. A true meaning is something that is conveyed that is congruent to reality.

Things that exist convey their existence. That is thus a sufficient meaning and it is a true meaning if we define reality as things that exist. Sure we haven’t yet defined what is “to exist” as that is a different question and if you present this description of “true meaning” then the apologist will move on and ask what is reality or what does it mean to exist.

There is no need for any god in any of this if things that exist do so spontaneously. So do things spontaneously come into existence ?  The jury is out on that but the naturalist side of the fence says that things do spontaneously come into existence whereas the theological say that it must have a first cause.

The evidence we present on this is such things as random events (Gaussian distributions for example). These distributions are mathematical in nature (using for example transcendental numbers like pi and e) and there doesn’t seem to be any wiggle-room for a god to “choose”.

If a god can’t choose then the events are spontaneous and god is not the source of true meaning of things that exist.

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