Pro-active claiming political asylum within the EU ?

Our family has permanent residence in Italy but the European Commission (EC) is planning on removing our European Citizenship from us in March 2019. This invalidates our permanent residence permission in Italy as that permission is for EU/EEA nationals only. This seems to be part of the EC accommodating the malicious UK government’s actions even though the UK government has run an illegally funded referendum to justify the UK nationalist campaign goals.

I have asked…

  1. Is there is a process for us currently EU citizens to pro-actively claim, for example, political asylum, due to the planned actions of a member state and/or the European Commission so we are protected from deportation?
  2. Will the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) help protect our extant EU citizen rights (Freedom of Movement inter alia) through to 2023 whilst we apply for Italian citizenship (which takes 4 years)?
  3. Are there any other legal remedies for existing EU27 residents who the EC wants to take away EU citizenship from?

This is a Rubicon moment for the European Union. The EC either continues on the path of disenfranchising millions of EU citizens or the EC thinks how rogue states have operated in the past and the EU pre-empts the state sponsored nationalism that broke Europe 60 years ago.