Stop The Leaving

It is an unprecedented situation that so many 10s of millions of European Union citizens will be stripped of their European Union citizenship with no say in this matter. EU citizenship is a competence of the European Union and not any member state. The treaty granting this citizenship explicitly states that it is a separate citizenship. So at the precise time of the UK leaving the EU, who is removing the European Union citizenship from all British citizens? It cannot be the UK as either Micheletti v Cantabria applies in the time before the leaving date and it cannot be the UK after the leaving date when the UK is not a European Member state and so has no competence.

It is in effect the EU itself that is planning on depriving existing EU citizens of our EU citizenship and doing so against our will. This will break up the EU as it shows the EU can lose competency for its own citizenship and will show rogue states how to engineer the destruction of the EU by chipping away at one of the very pillars of the European Union – the freedom of movement of the people and their voting rights.

How do we stop this loss of citizenship? I refuse to accept this and like many others will be a political exile within the EU. I have spent much of my life supporting and promoting the EU (EEC) over decades and for the EU to then in effect strip me and my family of our European Union citizenship is a callous attitude by certain parties within the EU. It is bad enough that the EU pays the salaries of the likes of Farage and many other anti-EU demagogues but for the EU to then pander to their demands by claiming mea culpa but washing their (EU) hands of the matter, is a step too far. The EU must learn from history of conflict within Europe and not condone this.