Daily Mail – Tom Utley and his Christmas ‘plea-lemic’

Tom Utley’s Christmas plea in the Daily Mail online highlights all that is wrong with the Leaver campaign. He’s partly right – there will be some Brexiters who will have analysed the relationship of the UK in the EU and looked at the long term relationship of the UK to other nations and will have come to the conclusion that the UK (less than 1% of the world’s population) will be able to survive and compete with the other 99% of the world. I have yet to meet any of these people and if you do¬† then get them to write for the Daily Mail because the majority of Brexiters we see in the news haven’t a clue how a UK would survive. Tom isn’t one who have done much analysis and I’m not saying he thinks all foreigners are scum: he’s a fence-sitter with his feet on the ‘beleaver’ side tossing out nonsense.

Tom Utley’s polemic sugar-coats the Beleavers campaign. Whilst Tom hattips to democracy and sovereignty the first thing the May Queen did was try and bypass the sovereign parliament of Britain. You can’t make this up; a glorified poll with no legal triggers is used as an excuse by an unelected government representative (we don’t elect the Queen’s Prime Minister in the UK) to bypass the elected government of this land and yet the EU is the problem ? Tom needs to cutback on the nonsense of the EU being undemocratic – it is extremely democratic with consensus driving progress through the molasses of extremism such as what Beleavers represent.

The Daily Mail is always good for a laugh and Tom has given us some giggles. Thanks Tom for the Christmas cheer.