Baby, it’s cold outside

Most species that have lived on Earth have gone extinct. Life on this planet exists because of microscopic life. Life is majority bacteria by sheer mass and how those bacteria respond pretty well determines if we live or go extinct. The Earth has experienced vastly greater CO2 levels and has experienced vast differences in temperature but we were not in existence as a species or with our diversity of habitats at those times.

Our society exists because of changes in land use in very recent times (within past 10,000 years) and if we are to remain as this species then we must try and maintain the historical average in CO2 levels if we wish to maintain our existing civilization.

Face is that, we are not and it is as simple as that. It is also very simple to point the finger at who is contributing the most and causing the most damage, the United States. In effect the US is the deadweight dragging humanity towards mass “specicide” – the wiping out of a species.

Way to go.