[X] Remain for Peace Sake. Or how we stopped a war.

Voting runs in the UK today 23rd June 2016 on what could probably be one of the most significant events in this half of the century.

The seeds for wars, be they financial, trade, cultural or hot start small but in the end they become examples of state violence against people. Brexit leave is just one of those seeds.

The EU is a supranational framework that puts people, the citizens of Europe, first, ahead of the member states. Some politicians do not understand this or understand and do not like this. They cry “sovereignty” but what they really mean is they want to be the masters of citizen-slaves and they hate the Human Rights protections that the EU mandates for people.

The UK, a nuclear state, has a small number of racist and belligerent politicians who have poisoned the body politic and want to isolate the UK people from these human rights protections and freedoms. Americans will understand just who these kind of politicians are. Every country has them, they are amusing until they get into power.

If you can vote in the UK referendum then you can stop this poison from spreading.

Check [X] REMAIN if you want to keep your FREEDOM to work, travel, study, trade and live anywhere in the EU. Check remain if you want to be part of that voice that says we do not want to be like our grandparents and great grandparents and get embroiled in another pointless war of attrition. Check remain if you want you, your children and children’s children for the next century to be protected by human rights without prejudice of origin, race or creed.


Lincoln Phipps

UK/EU citizen, father and husband.