No cars, no food? The rich will still eat.

A number of rash online anti-EU “Leavers” like to cite how the EU needs the UK to buy the EU cars and so the EU will come running back. But not all goods are equal and there is one good that they all seem to avoid talking about; food.

There is a fundamental flaw with Leaver logic: the EU is vast and has very deep pockets so it can pay suppliers to hold production and the UK is just 1% of the world’s population and relies on imported food and electricity just to stay alive. In any war including a trade war, who starves first loses the war.

The UK has not been self sufficient for food since the 1830s. Since that time the UK has relied on imported food and the fastest source has always been the continent. The continent is now the EU or EEA partners in EFTA and Switzerland.

Without the EU and its focus on food security watch how quickly the supermarkets in the UK run out of basic supplies. Whilst you can choose to not buy a new car for a whole year or more, you cannot survive more than 3 weeks without food.

The effects of lack of food kicks in within a week. Social collapse is 3 days though. It wasn’t that long ago that the British policies starved the Irish to feed the British people and the British market indirectly helped starve the Swedish to feed English horse transport.

Be very careful of what you wish for. Today the UK is safe within the EU food and nutrition security cover. No one can go hungry in the EU except by the failings of member state domestic policies. The rise of use of food banks in the UK is due to the government policies not the EU. The EU will not compromise food security but the UK government will.

Anti-EU Leavers don’t want that protection but desire some historical way of life. All of British historical life was a see-saw from feast to famine and back and from peace to war and back. Don’t worry – the rich will always eat. And they can always afford to import cars. You great unwashed won’t get either and the government won’t care because “Brexit means brexit”. It’s the “will of the people ” remember ?

So when you see or hear comments about the UK not buying cars then explain the disparity in not buying cars and not buying food. You may not want a car but you will always need food. Someone has to point out the reality to the anti-EU Leavers before their ignorance wipes out the most vulnerable segments of the British population. This insanity must stop.