Leaver lies – white paper – EU budget

By white, the Government means “snowjob”. A good example is that the EU Budget gets one paragraph, Page 49 para 8.51,

“8.51 Once we have left the EU, decisions on how taxpayers’ money will be spent will be made in the UK. As we will no longer be members of the Single Market, we will not be required to make vast contributions to the EU budget. There may be European programmes in which we might want to participate. If so, it is reasonable that we should make an appropriate contribution. But this will be a decision for the UK as we negotiate the new arrangements..”

That whole paragraph fails to point out that the EU contributions are nett 8.5 billion on a total taxpayer local and central spending (2015) of £761.9 billion.

So if less than 2% of the budget is “vast” then what does that make the other 98% the taxpayer gets gouged for ? “Ludicrously vast”, “Enormously vast”, “Biblically vast” ?

It is never mentioned.The white paper cherry picks statistics, presents them in isolation and an honest reading of them leaves anyone reasonable with the conclusion that there is no reason to do Brexit.

The focus of our PM May has been to enable racism and nationalism. This is the Enabling Bill; it just hasn’t become an Enabling Act yet. We have one chance to stop nationalism though if history is any record, once nationalism is enabled then balance will restore after Nationalism has killed as many people as it can until there is no one left to fight.

That is how and why the EU was formed; as a Union of European States formed with a common purpose of peace and prosperity.

We must not allow history to repeat itself. This Bill must not pass.