Mind over matter

Whilst we can make things out of aluminium, we do not make the element aluminium. We make things out of wood and whilst we do grow trees we did not create the genomes of trees.

Our experiences with minds tells us that minds rely on manipulating naturally occurring matter.

When it comes to design then the mutual exclusion principle applies: this principle is that the designers do not contain what they are designing when they are designing it. I came up with this principle about 3 years ago. Using a common ID claim about DNA then the designer of DNA does not contain DNA when DNA is designed. Such a designer would have to consist of something else. The more you want a designer to design, the less it can contain to start with.

As to what exists in nature then my axiom of ‘what exists is what persisted’ is useful here. All you see around you exists because it persisted rather than decaying to non-existence. we never see possibilities that failed to be realised or to fixate.

So starting from random possibilities we have quantising to islands of stability in the elements. A look at the table of isotopes shows this phenomena. We never see the isotopes that have very short lifetimes in this universe. Elements aggregate and certain structure persist out of the possibilities fora vast number of reasons. This process continues not just for the elements but for chemical structures too of which life formed macro molecules are the canonical example.