Brexit Blues and all that Jazz.

Britain grew to be an economic powerhouse by Britons travelling far and wide. We created new countries and transformed old ones whether you like that or not and we have left a legacy of  culture, the most prominent of which is the English language. We have slowly lost the freedom to travel anywhere in the Commonwealth without hinder but we gained the freedom to travel anywhere within the EU.

With a pen-stroke our well-dressed, but in the end unelected by the people Prime Minister, hopes to remove our freedoms without the elected representatives having a say in the matter. It was understandable that the Courts found this to be illegal.

Rather than keeping our continental neighbours close as a safe haven, the leavers close both eyes, pray, and point these emerald isles into the high seas towards any other largest landmass waving a white flag demanding ‘free trade’ now, before afternoon tea. It doesn’t work that way. Nothing works that way.

And for what ?  The Leavers haven’t explained how throwing away the freedoms of all 60 million British to be able to trade, live, work and study in the EU will stop refugees who do not actually want to be in the EU ?  It makes no sense. Do the leavers actually understand that the refugees also want to leave the EU and so the UK outside of the EU is doing what the refugees want ?.  Whilst the UK gives out taxpayer money like candy then there will always been economic refugees. If the UK adopted the policies of the mainland EU and placed restrictions on entitlements then the influx would stop. Of course post-leave then not only would the UK have refugees, the UK would get no assistance from the rest of the EU. The riots of a couple of years back are going to be a tiny taste of what will come. The government has divided the country and wants to illegally take away rights from Britons. The government will lose control once there is a casus belli and its only response will be brutal and authoritarian.