Just a quick introduction as I’ve been meaning to start this project for a long time but for a fear. The fear isn’t that I cannot write:  I think I can write reasonably intelligibly, nor that I haven’t got anything to say:  I’ve got a broad interest in many things, nor that I’m risk adverse:  my main mode of transport is a scooter, but it was quite simply a fear of an idea.

Ideas are ultimately what changes society not because people actually implement these directly but that humanity, as a collection of  agents, alters how they play the game of life based on what they have heard and read and ideas are very much part of shaping these decisions that you make especially when you come to a crossroad and you have two immediately equal paths to choose. In such a case you choose the path that you think will head you towards a particular future that is congruent to your own goals and it is ideas that shape these goals.

My fear is simply that I couldn’t see why my ideas should be published in any way but then realised that even not publishing was in itself a strategy in its own right and that such a lack of transparency is withholding information and not allowing people to make an informed decision.

I don’t like it when people firewall or ring-fence data from me for no particular reason other than to maintain a silo or to meter the data so I’m doing what I don’t want others to do. That is kind of hypocritical isn’t it ?

Well that’s over. This is it, this is me, these are my ideas.

I can now move on to the fear that no one cares anyway.

Such is life.

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